UCI: Equipamiento requerido


The UCI of a hospital must have a number of resources at the material level and in reference to its staff in order to comply with legislation. These requirements include a wide range of possibilities which necessitate corresponding technological equipment. Because of this, the medical staff should be qualified and fulfill the necessary aptitudes in order to obtain the maximum benefit from these available tools to implement needed treatment to each patient in the UCI.

In terms of location, the section dedicated to UCI should be accessible within the hospital center and include certain measures of control. In the same way, the location of UCI and its facilities should have an immediate connection with other urgent care sections of the hospital, haemodynamics labs, etc.

All of the components in UCI (patients, relatives, medical staff, etc.) should be equipped with all of the adequate physical material for its work performances. Availability to specially equipped areas for the reception of relatives of the patients is essential. A UCI ward – for the patient and his or her nurse – will also be necessary as well as general support and necessary staff.

The capacity of patients in the UCI, or the minimum number of beds, should not be less than 6. It is necessary to contemplate minimum limits as well, since the inclusion of an UCI within a hospital demands a large number of requirements.

In reference to human resources, the UCI should include at least the following figures in its professional staff:

  • Director of the UCI (with at least 5 years of experience in Intensive Medicine)
  • Nurse supervisor of the UCI (with at least 5 years of experience in intensive care)
  • Doctor (with a specialty in patient attention)
  • Attendant
  • Nurse
  • Administrative staff
  • Qualified professionals for UCI offered services