Organización de la UCI


Every UCI in a hospital center should keep an organizational chart indicating certain mandatory positions along with others, which depend on the individual hospital center and the standards of each autonomous community. In addition, the National Health Institute (INSALUD) in conjunction with the SEMICYUC has developed a complete guide in which they announced a series of criteria for managing and organizing a UCI. Despite this, it is necessary to highlight the complementary nature of the various organizational requirements of each hospital center with relation to the complexity of its corresponding UCI.

As such, the essential requirements for every hospital’s UCI are set forth at a structural level and in an organizational chart to guarantee sufficient attention to each patient.

  • There must be a UCI director
  • According to legislation, a responsible UCI figure should be present 24 hours a day, in the event that he or she needs to act as a representative for physical persons in need.
  • In the same way, a figure responsible for the infirmary must also be present, tasked with organizing the medical professionals’s work within the unit.
  • During each shift, there must be someone responsible for attention to patients in the UCI.
  • There should be a defined system for the exchange of information during each daily change of shifts between doctors in the UCI.
  • A list should be made regarding the criteria for discharge and admission into the UCI.
  • Protocol should be defined to encompass all of the processes performed most frequently by UCI medical professionals.
  • Must have record of the fulfillment of regulation, such as the attention to patient rights as well as security standards.
  • There must be a defined system for visitors, carried out by consensus among medical professionals and nurses responsible for the UCI.
  • Everything necessary for the guaranteed quality of patient stay and their continued stay must be made available.