UCI: Derechos del paciente


The patients in the UCI of any hospital have a series of rights related to medical legislation that they can request during management of their entry into the unit. In the same way, it’s convenient that the family and friends of patients have the knowledge of these rights in order to exercise them in the case that they become necessary. This is because the UCI pays special attention to the particular care of each patient.

Certain information is thus given to patients in UCI, or to their family or friends, in order to better understand their treatment and care:

  • Information about the care and attention offered by UCI
  • General information about UCI
  • Informed consent in the event that it’s necessary (Spanish Society of Intensive Care Medicine, Criticism and Coronary Care units, SEMICYUC have published different cases)
  • Any type of recommendation on behalf of the hospital in order to stay in the hospital units according to its instructions

Information about this offered attention and care from the UCI staff should also include a series of characteristics. In principle, this information should include our motives and the patient process in the UCI. It should also include information about treatments and attention carried out in the hospital center. Moreover, this information should be dispersed daily by means of the professionals charged with communicating with each patient.

With regards to the general information of UCI, the hospital center should readily offer this information about any aspect related to the stay of each one of the patients. It is important to highlight the information channels available to family members or friends of patients, because information can be offered orally or in writing. This information should include details such as telephone contact, information schedule, forms of communication with medical professionals in the center, etc.

Informed consent is taken in cases, like invasive treatments and diagnostics, where the patient’s health can be affected in a negative way or which involve a vital-level risk.

Finally, professionals in the medical center should offer all of the information they have to the patient as well as to hiso or her family or friends in order to make their period of stay as pleasant as possible.