UCI: Criterios de ingreso


Patients need to adhere to a series of requirements in order to enter the UCI, with regards to their state of health, pathology, and symptoms. This makes it so that patients treated in the UCI truly need the care and special attention which corresponds to their state of health.

In Spain, there are a series of standards that address these topics of inclusion and treatments through an initial evaluation of each patient. Thus it is important to highlight the primary characteristics required of each patient in order to be admitted into UCI, essentially meaning the need for a higher level of care and one’s capacity to recover. The Department of Health (DH), in the United Kingdom, has created a categorization of patients according to these required levels of care. The DH’s mission is to help people live longer in better conditions. This is a leading department in health and care in England to ensure that patients receive necessary attention and treatment with dignity, compassion, and respect. The various levels which the DH lays out are based on each patient’s required attention rather than the resources they need to be treated.  The established standards of these levels of care are the following:

  • Level 0: Patient that needs hospitalization.
  • Level 1: Several cases can be given:
    • Patient which comes down from a higher level of UCI
    • Patient whose medical assistance is necessary and presents additional requirements of care
  • Level 2: Patient that needs support from an organic system or that requires monitoring
  • Level 3: Patient that needs monitoring and advanced respiratory support or that requires two or more organic systems

Due to these standards, UCI professionals should carry out an initial categorization of patients in order to offer corresponding treatments for each level of care in the least amount of time possible.