UCI: Normas de autorización y acreditación


A hospital center’s UCI must comply with a series of standards according to existing legislation, as is understandable in dealing with a unit which treats patients in serious care, as a way to guarantee the quality of their attention. For this reason, the standards vary in function in each autonomous community and in each hospital center. Thus, there are two types of UCI regulations: the standards before the UCI constitution are dominated by authorization norms while the subsequent standards are considered those of accreditation.  In fact, ten autonomous communities, according to the RD 1277/2003, were forced to modify their existing rules in order to fulfill correct regulations, while seven other communities maintained their prior regulations because they had no need to fulfill new requirements.

In relation to authorization standards of hospital centers in different autonomous communities, listed below are references to the UCI:

In the Aragón community, according to the regulation law of mínimum requirements from the Department of Health and Consumption with reference to Order 8 of March 2006, “centers that use surgical procedures which require special post-operative care should provide a UCI, within its healthcare offerings, that meets the minimum requirements of care.”

In the Canary community, according to the Council Order of Health and Consumption of June 15, 2000, “the minimum conditions must comply with the hospital centers of the Canary community, which establishes that the General Hospital must have an intensive care unit that meets minimum requirements set forth by these centers.”

On the other hand, in the Castilla La Mancha community, an order established by the Administrative Authorizations of Surgical Centers and Services on June 29, 2007, indicates that every hospital center should have some type of assistance support 24 hours a day, also considered a UCI “preferably integrated in the center, although it can be coordinated otherwise.”

In the community of Madrid, the established regulations by the Council of Health in the First Annex of Order 577/2000 are an extension from the the existing rules of Order 11 of February 1986 with incorporation of new typologies and with a redefinition of structural needs and functions for the UCIs in hospital centers.