• UCI's equipment
    UCI's equipment
    Medical equipments in the UCI
  • UCI's medical staff
    UCI's medical staff
    Medial Staff that works in the UCI
  • Entering the UCI with a patient
    Entering the UCI with a patient
    Doctors entering the UCI with a patient


UCI, or the Union of Intensive Care, is an area within a hospital center in which attention is given to patients whose state of health is considered very serious, but at the same time susceptible to a possible recovery. For this, there is a series of defined parameters at a legislative level which indicate and define a patient’s different states in order to make decisions on behalf of the staff which handles the UCI at each hospital.

For this reason, as one can deduce, the UCI is a first-class, specialized unión for medical professionals and nurses that form part of the union. This can be attributed to the fact that UCI in each hospital is always obligated to attend to patients of all necessary pathologies who meet the commented requirements beforehand. Moreover, medical professionals should have the necessary aptitudes so that they can attend to patients in a satisfactory, prompt manner in states of emergency due to various situations that may present themselves. This fact shapes an essential point when considering who to hire for staff and that services should be offered as a guarantee or not.

In the same way, UCI is always up-to-date on following current legislation with a series of minimum materials so that necessary treatments and care for patients can be provided. Apart from the mentioned physical infrastructures required of minimal technological infracturues. This is due to necessary technology that medical professionals need to carry out treatments on patients. The ownership of required supplies, which includes potential treatments that can be carried out by UCI sanitary professionals, is also necessary.

As one can appreciate, the composition of UCI within a hospital requires a great number of resources of different types. The seriousness of the patients is the primary motive for all of these requirements, since UCI bases its existence off of one objective: the healing of patients that come to our union.